Polymer structure property relationship

Polymer development

Any polymer grade is tailored in its design and performance to a processing technology and specific end use applications like for instance the use of HDPE for pipe extrusion vs blow moulding of packaging containers. Polymer development is utilising our expertise, know-how and understanding of both the polymer structure, the application and the market to identify new potential innovations.

Polymer development projects will involve several of Norner’s disciplines like polymerisation, processing, application experts and laboratories for testing and verification of performances.

Polymer grades are under continuous evolution in order to improve specific properties.

Project examples

  • Composites and nanomaterials
  • Higher strength for down gauging
  • Improved conversion economy
  • Sealing for advanced food applications
  • Optimal shrinkage performance for advanced moulding applications
  • Melt strength for advanced processing performance
  • Optimal flexibility/stiffness performance
  • Low warpage for moulded products
  • Optimal design for low migration applications
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • High purity solutions
  • Benchmarking

 Our long experience in R&D of polyethylene and polypropylene resins have given us unique knowledge in the structure-property relations of polyolefins such as:

  • The effect of comonomer on morphology and properties
  • The effect of different catalysts on molecular weight distribution (MWD)
  • The effect of MWD on processing and properties
  • The effect of MWD, processing and additives on crystallisation behaviour and morphology
  • The effect of morphology on the strength of flexible packaging
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