Norner has capability and competence in Bioplastic materials

Bioplastic materials

Norner takes a role in our sustainable future with capability and competence in Biopolymers. Our high focus brings substantial value and increased speed to customer’s bioplastics projects.  This is supported by broad industrial expertise in plastics from polymer properties to application performance.

We have hands on experience with biopolymers from recipe development. Our technology centre enable that the various aspects of these polymers can be tested like polymer. characterisation, compounding, processing, performance testing on standard specimens or packaging prototypes.

Project examples

  • Strategic technical studies of the suitability of bio sources for polymers
  • Norner evaluates bio-polymerisation in a cost/complexity/benefit scenario
  • Bio polymers as neat solutions or as composites are studied versus end applications
  • Conversion to end products and documentation of end use performance of biopolymer
  • Development of new and enhanced properties and applications for biopolymers
  • Catalytic polymerisation, modification, processing and testing of polymers from CO2
  • Processing and testing of commercially available bioplastics like starch based, PLA, PBS, PCL and PHA types in film and moulding lines
  • Patent and literature surveys on the converting of various raw materials to bioplastics
  • Chemical modifications of starch to make it plastic
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