Norner Laboratory

Laboratory services

Norner provides high expertise in material and analytical testing, testing of protective coating, exposure testing and lifetime assessment of plastics and rubber, critical product functionality as well as plastic extrusion and moulding of prototypes. 

Our ISO 9001 certified laboratory ensures high quality testing with focus on health, environment and safety (HSE). 

Some key laboratory testing and analytical services for the energy sector

  • Performance testing parts and components
  • Exposure testing
  • Autoclave testing at HPHT conditions
  • Protective coating testing
  • Fire testing
  • Failure analysis
  • Mechanical testing
  • Material characterization

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Ageing and durability test equipment - Norner

Environmental durability testing of materials by accelerated ageing. We can simulate climates where UV, heat and humidity are importance factors.

Norner provides advanced testing for ageing and durability of plastics as well as material and recipe development for demanding applications. 

Our experts and researchers in polymers and stabilisation has a unique industrial network to suppliers of materials, chemicals and processing machinery which makes us a preferred partner for development, testing and verification of polymeric material solutions. 

In our scientific laboratory we have a wide range of testing facilities where we can simulate relevant environments as well as chemical exposure: 

  • The additive performance test centre carries out tests based on UV exposure, oven ageing and artificial weathering
  • Tests in severe environment with aggressive chemicals and gasses in combination with high pressure and temperature
  • Autoclave testing for food packaging applications
  • We can perform simulation of corrosion due to environmental effects of long term exposure to various conditions like UV, salt fog, humidity and temperature
  • Ageing in ozone for rubbers and plastics
  • Testing of fatigue, creep and environmental stress crack resistance 

Exposure testing

We perform exposure tests in server environment with aggressive chemicals and gasses in combination with high pressure and temperature.

The exposure testing is followed by:

  • Material testing after exposed samples according to international standards in order to evaluate change in mechanical properties, additive stabilisation or morphological changes
  • Life time estimation of materials and products based on results from accelerated tests
  • Investigate how plastic degradation is influenced by sunlight, humidity and temperature
  • Durability and life time expectations of plastic materials by accelerated life cycle testing

We can offer:

  • Material selection
  • Product development
  • Pre-qualification testing
  • Quality evaluation
  • Failure analysis
  • Design development


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