Training and seminars

Training and competence are critical factors for business and profitability. 

Our Norner Academy training and seminars are specialised programmes and customised to each client or group. We will organise these in good dialogue and planning with our client in order to create an interesting training content.

Typical participants for these courses are Production Personnel, Product Designers and Developers, Packaging Developers, Sales and Marketing, Purchasing, Technologists in the plastics industry or others who deal with plastics in their work.

These programmes can cover a wide range of subjects in the field of polymer technology based in individual requirement at our client and different level of complexity. Some relevant subjects of the plastics technology are:

  • Polymer structure and properties
  • Circular economy and material recycling
  • Polymer technology, production and markets
  • Plastics end use applications and requirements
  • Additives for the plastic industry
  • Plastics processing technologies and applications

Our modular portfolio of plastics technology courses will strengthen the qualifications of the participants in plastics, technology and markets, processing techniques, end use applications and recycling.

A Norner Academy program can be arranged at the site of the customer or in the labs and facilities of Norner depending on facilities required. Our training will be tailor made to cover high level insight for management, specific technologies for technical organisations, testing and lab methods for experts as well as training for non-plastic professionals.

This is a unique opportunity to tailor high quality training and tutorials for your needs.  We offer platform based courses: Introduction, advanced and tutorial courses and seminars. 


Norner Academy training and seminars

The Norner Academy program is modular and we divide it in three different levels or categories illustrated below. 

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Level 1 – Introduction seminars

Typical duration 1 day per topic

  • Thermoplastics materials and their properties
  • Polymer processing technology and applications
  • PE (Polyethylene) market, materials and applications
  • PP (Polypropylene) market, materials and applications
  • PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) market, materials and applications
  • Introduction to Bioplastics, raw materials and applications
  • Polyolefin additives introduction
  • Material failures and root causes
  • Introduction to plastics and rubber in Oil and Gas
  • Introduction to plastics and polymers in Automotive
  • Plastics in Packaging, materials, properties and applications
  • Polymer Masterbatch and concentrates
  • Failures and failure analysis in plastics

Level 2 – Advanced seminars

Typical duration is 1-2 day per topic

  • Polyolefin technologies, processes, catalysts, monomers and products
  • PE products and structure-property relationships
  • PP products and structure-property relationships
  • Recycling technology and optimisation
  • Additives for stabilisation and durability of polymers
  • Additivation and nucleation of Polyolefins
  • Degradation and durability of plastics
  • Polymerisation and catalysts
  • Failure analysis with case studies
  • Injection moulding and applications of PE and PP
  • Injection moulding, materials for technical applications and requirements
  • Injection moulding, materials for packaging and requirements
  • Film extrusion, applications and flexible packaging with PE and PP
  • Film extrusion, materials, applications and requirements
  • PE polymers and sealability for flexible packaging
  • Blow moulding and applications of PE and PP
  • Blow moulding, materials, applications and requirements
  • Rotational moulding and applications of PE and PP
  • Rotational moulding, materials, applications and requirements

Level 3 – Tutorial seminars

Typical duration is 1-3 day per topic

  • Film extrusion and test methods
  • Injection moulding and test methods
  • Blow moulding and test methods
  • Rotational moulding and test methods
  • Compounding of masterbatch and concentrates
  • Recycling of plastics
  • Welding of PE pipes and sheets
  • Polymerisation trials and investigations of PE and PP
  • Microscopy investigations of polymers and applications
  • Claim handling investigation and process

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