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Rheology testing

Rheology testing equipment - Norner

Norner has the expertise and tools to utilize rheological data as a tool for making predictions.

The science and study of deformation and flow of materials in liquid, melt or solid form, in terms of the materials elasticity and viscosity is called Rheology.

Rheology concerns the relation between force, deformation and time. The measurement of rheological properties gives information about melt processing behaviour and molecular structure. It can also be used to predict end properties of the product.

Norner can offer service in the following key rheological methods:

  • Capillary Rheometer
  • Dynamic Rheology
  • Melt Flow Rate

We use rheology in these areas:

  • Basic characterisation of polymers
  • Flow behaviour
  • Product development
  • Polymer design
  • Troubleshooting


 If you have specific questions to what we can do or how we can support you, please contact us by using send us your request.


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