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Analysis and testing of polymers

Analytical Laboratory

Specialised in material testing, investigations, chemical analysis and characterisation of polymers.

Analytical testing service and equipment - Norner

Our analytical laboratory offer testing services for the polymer Industry.

Thermal polymer analysis at Norner laboratory

Norner can offer the following thermal polymer analysis:

Equipment for thermal conductivity of materials - Norner

Norner has the expertise and tools for testing the thermal conductivity of materials.

Spectroscopy testing equipment - Norner

Norner flexible spectroscopy instruments are used for both identification of polymers, components as well as quantitative analysis of chemicals and compositions.

Rheology testing equipment - Norner

Norner has the expertise and tools to utilize rheological data as a tool for making predictions.

Chromatography testing equipment - Norner

Norner has the equipment to perform Chromatographic testing.

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