Norner development centre for film and flexible packaging

Film and flexible packaging

Norner have a development centre for film and flexible packaging with several pilot lines and wide range of testing facilities.

Flexible packaging plays a key role in the food and non-food industries as well as in packaging of industrial goods and chemicals. Norner have long experience in film extrusion and application and polymer development which makes us a good partner for your projects.


Our film extrusion and pilot lines include:

Windmöller & Hölscher 

3 layer coex with 50/60/50mm extruders having 30xD barrier screws and die diameter of 200mm. The industrial scale line has output of 100 – 180kg/h and is equipped with corona treating, reversing haul-off, chilled cooling air, thickness profile measurement, and a back to back winder. Very well suited for running various recipes for packaging films including pre-films for MDO. A second die for HDPE High stalk extrusion is also available.

Hosokawa Alpine MDO

An industrial scale MDO pilot line with in-line slitting and corona treating for converting of films from roll to roll with up to 2000mm roll width.


A small scale mono blown film line with 25mm std. screw and 50mm die diameter and four different die gaps possible. Output up to 8kg/hr bur sample size from <1kg is possible.

Plastik Maschinenbau GmbH

Cast mono film line for film and foil of 0,01 - 1mm thickness with a Ø30mm barrier screw and a 400mm wide slot die. Suitable for production of films for testing as well as foil for thermoforming, read more below.

Gel counting

A Collin extrusion line with advanced gel counting system for quality inspection, quantification on cast film.

Prototype production

We can produce film prototypes for further converting or packaging as critical step in innovation projects.

Processing trials

  • Processability and material evaluations
  • Recipe and structure development
  • New polymer grade development and assessments
  • Development of MDOPE films and Mono-PE laminates
  • Quality improvement
  • Small and industrial scale film trials
  • Product and process development
  • Operational excellence
  • Evaluation of recycled materials
  • RecyClass assessment of recyclability


Our blown film lines are well suited for film extrusion with polyolefins and bioplastics. On the cast film line we have experience with a wider selection of thermoplastics. 

Film tester   Microscopy analysis of plastic films

Blown film pilots

W&H 3 layer coex line

  • Extruders 50/60/50mm barrier screw
  • LD/LLD Die 200mm with 1,2mm die
  • HDPE Die 160mm with 0,8mm die
  • Other materials  - PP
  • IBC and Chilled Cooling air
  • Corona treater
  • Film slitting on demand
  • Double winder up to 1100mm
  • Reversing top-nip
  • Capacity 120 kg/h

Collin monolayer lab scale line

  • Extruder: 25mm barrier screw
  • Die gap: 0.8, 1.2, 1,5 and 2.0 mm
  • Winder up to 350mm (lay flat)
  • Capacity max 8 kg/h

Processing trials/results

  • Processability evaluations
  • Material/resin testing
  • Recipe and structure development
  • Evaluation of recycled material
  • Material selection and verification
  • Quality improvement
  • Tests at industrial relevant conditions
  • Industrial scale film trials
  • Optimisation and down-gauging
  • Raw material quality and consistency
  • Bench marking and competitive analysis and evaluation.
  • Product and process development
  • Operational excellence
  • Technical support

Performance evaluation

  • Barrier calculator and testing
  • Food migration OML and SML
  • MDO converting and development


  • Multilayer structure identification
  • Product evaluations
  • Failure investigations
  • Gels identification

Chemical and polymer characterisation

  • Physical material testing
  • Technical data-sheet testing
  • Welding and sealing properties
  • Hot tack ASTM F1921
  • Gloss: ISO 2813 and ASTM D2457
  • Haze : ASTM D1003
  • Shrink force ISO 14616
  • Tailor made seminars and training
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