New appointments in Norner management team

We are pleased to announce the following new appointments in our management team.

New Laboratory Director

From June 16th Jørgen Nyhus took over the management of Norner’s scientific laboratories. Nyhus came from the position as Principal Researcher and have worked in Norner for two and a half years. His background expand a broad range of industries including process industry, bio-medical industry and lately offshore/petroleum industry. Nyhus has a Ph.D. in physics and have worked with different laboratory-, research- and production oriented projects the last 20 years. “ I’m humble taking over the management of Norner’s laboratory scervices, and will together with my staff strive to deliver high quality services to all our customers” says Nyhus.

New Business Director for oil and gas activities

From June 16th Henning Baann will lead all the oil & gas activities in Norner AS. Baann came from the position as Laboratory Director in Norner. He has been leading the laboratories in Norway for 11 years, part of this both in Norway and Sweden ( Stenungsund).  Baann has been in the company for 30 years, starting with various roles linked to laboratory activities. In 1990 he started working with the automotive industry as product developer and later as market manager with main responsibility interior and under the bonnet. He was also at that time leading a team of people from Austria and Norway. This lasted until 2003, when he got a role as Laboratory manager which also continued when Norner was formed in 2007.

“I have really enjoyed the time leading all the dedicated people in our lab, and I am confident that my successor will continue to bring our clients high value and quality in assignments  and have a strong focus on HSE. I am now looking forward to new challenges in the çwhich has become a very important part of Norner’s activities and I will contribute to the high ambitions we have in this area for the coming years” says Baann.       


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