Contact angle – the key to easy slip surface

Contact angle

Norner has developed and offer a novel own technology for modification of the injection moulding process to create an easy slip surface of plastics articles and packaging. 

Norner can deliver this technology and specifications with a license agreement.

Several applications will benefit from an easy slip surface that enable liquids to leave the surface very fast. This non-wetting technology makes it easy to empty a package, surfaces stay clean or reduce the friction. It is suitable for both watery and fatty environments.

The modification can be applied to different types of plastic resins and is therefore applicable in several kind of products and has a proven high process efficiency.

A key factor for implementing and customising the solution is the understanding how the process parameters will influence the surface tension of the relevant material. For this purpose, Norner has recently invested in a “Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA30”.

The new instrument can benefit customers in many areas from infrastructure and coating to packaging and healthcare.

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