Norner Verdandi AS

Verdandi has the purpose to invest in ownership and sale of technology through Norner, but also in cooperation with other companies. This is a long and very important effort to capitalize on our expertise and build a solid future.

Norner Verdandi commercializes two technologies that the Norner team has developed

  • Norner Trimodal Technology (NTT). The NTT concept is based on a system of three polymerization reactors where a small fraction of a third high molecular weight polymer is introduced in a small third reactor containing comonomer. This enables upgrading of existing bimodal plants by adding a third reactor. In addition, to several advantages compared to existing trimodal and bimodal plants, the technology utilizes the possibility to produce the HMW fraction earlier in the process, allowing better comonomer incorporation compared to conventional technologies. 
  • Norner bimodal/Multimodal metallocene polyethylene production technology (BIMEPP). The BIMEPP technology Novel bimodal metallocene polyethylene technology has been developed. The technology improves the process operability, significantly reduces the catalyst cost and improves product properties. 

About Econic

Norner Verdandi is a part owner of EconicTechnologies, UK. 

  • Econic Technologies started operations in 2012 after initial investment from Imperial Innovations and Norner Verdandi to develop the technology further towards commercial applications. The current technology is covered by a number of worldwide patents and patent applications.
  • A further £5.1 million investment in 2013 by Jestream Capital and Imperial Innovations will be used to scale up and commercialise the technology.
  • Econic’s catalysts are suitable for use with captured CO2, enabling polymer producers to replace non-renewable petrochemicals with waste CO2, reducing feedstock costs and environmental impact.
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