Competitiv MDO film

MDO film with tough mechanical solutions.

Through a project with our customer, Tommen Gram AS agreed with a local carrot packer in Levanger, Norway to develop a mechanical tough and competitive film solution in order to replace existing BOPP film.

Basic requirements of the film

  • Film stiffness with“crispiness” for the fresh vegetable image.
  • Low haze and high gloss for the package attractiveness.
  • Good heat sealing performance during the flow-pack packaging operation.
  • Antifogging performance.
  • Good puncture- and tear resistance during the carrot packaging operation, handling and transportation to the end user to avoid package breakage

The Challenge – BOPP film

  • Today vegetable packaging is dominated by BOPP film solutions and FFS/HFFS Flow pack machines.
  • The BOPP films are transparent, very stiff and tough.
  • The BOPP films are co- extruded with thin skin layers of a special sealing material.
  • The currently used packaging machines are designed for stiff and sealable BOPP films.
  • The BOPP films are, however, very sensitive to puncture and tearing as well as critical re. heat sealing performance.

The Solution – MDO Film

  • Recent developments in PE or PE/PP based MDO film solutions give a significantly better puncture and tear resistance even at much lower thickness and packaging material weight. 

Conclusions and way forward with Norner

  • The MDO film solution will solve the current problem with package damages on the packaging line and during handling and by end-users.
  • Two tested MDO films, in 20µm and 30µm are both superior compared with standard BOPP packaging films. Especially the puncture resistance against sharp objects.

Norner has broad knowledge in film extrusion. We offer customized solutions, project development and professional service. 


If you have specific questions to what we can do or how we can support you, please send us your request.

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