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Norner takes a role in our sustainable future by extending capability and competence in biopolymers. 


Our high focus brings substantial value and increased speed to customer’s bioplastics projects.  

Norner offer

  • Hands on experience with biopolymers from development, processing and testing.
  • In depth technology and market studies on BIO materials for international FMCG companies.
  • Scientists with direct experience in biopolymers. 
  • A technology center where the various aspects of a polymer can be tested like: polymer, characterisation, compounding, processing, performance testing on standard specimens or on our s packaging prototypes.
  • Broad industrial expertise in plastics from polymer properties to application performance.

Client studies and research programmes 

  • Norner performs strategic technical studies of the suitability of bio sources for polymers.
  • Norner evaluates bio-polymerisation in a cost/complexity/benefit scenario.
  • Bio polymers as neat solutions or as composites are studied versus end applications.
  • Conversion to end products and documentation of end use performance of biopolymer.
  • Development of new and enhanced properties and applications for biopolymers.

Examples of our biopolymer work

  • Catalytic polymerisation, modification, processing and testing of polymers from CO2.
  • Processing and testing of commercially available bioplastics like starch based, PLA and PHA types in film and moulding lines.
  • Patent and literature surveys on the converting of various raw materials to bioplastics.
  • Chemical modifications of starch to make it plastic. 
  • Organising bioplastic seminars with excellent feedback on quality and content.


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Norner has five full scale Injection Moulding machines with several moulds for realistic product simulation and testing.

We can offer:


  • Netstal 300tons, high quality standard machine with Ø70 - 25D standard screw.
  • Netstal 120tons, high performance machine with Ø45 - 20D barrier screw.
  • Engel 60tons, standard machine with Ø35 - 17D standard screw.
  • Arburg 15tons, standard machine with Ø22 - 17D standard screw.


  • Pails in three sizes: 3 litre, 5 litre and 10 litre for shrinkage mechanical testing.
  • Tool box for shrinkage and warpage testing.
  • Cups in three sizes: 850ml, 650ml and 200ml for cycle time and mechanical testing.
  • Two types crates in five different lids and a bowl mould.
  • Flip top cap, soft drink cap and pre form for ISBM.
  • Plaques in several different sizes.
  • Spiral moulds for flowability tests in 1, 2 and 3mm wall thickness.
  • Syrringe and plunger

Product tests:

  • Top load and drop tests
  • Shrinkage and warpage
  • Optical properties
  • Creep and destruction
  • Fatigue and durability
  • Cycle time and productivity

Norner has a wide range of mould inserts suitable for a wide range of standardised test methods like mechanical, durability, UV, thermal and optical testing.

We can offer:

Multi purpose ISO and ASTM bar

  • Tensile modulus
  • Flex modulus
  • Charpy
  • Vicat
  • Heat deflection temperature
  • Creep
  • Izod

Discs, 2x60mm round or 2x60x60mm square

  • Instrumented falling weight
  • Haze
  • Coefficient of friction
  • Antistatic
  • Gloss

Norner 1, 2, 3mm plate

  • Haze
  • Rockwell hardness
  • Shore A/ D hardness

5A ISO bar and 1x10x80mm bar

  • Oven aging
  • UV suntester
  • Weather-o-meter

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NORNER is a leading independent technology centre with focus on innovation and technical solutions in processing and products of plastic materials for rigid packaging

We can provide excellent services and our goal is to attain the maximum satisfaction for our clients and to build long term relations.

  • Rigid plastic packaging for food, consumer and industrial products is a large and important business. A wide range of moulded products and packaging applications require specific physical properties for different demands.
  • The final performance is influenced by the choice of material type and grade, material recipes and additives, mould design and processing.
  • It becomes increasingly important to understand these relationships vs. requirements for the packers, end users and legislation.
  • We have the competence, equipment and capability required to support the moulding industry and be a technology partner in material, process and product development, troubleshooting and support.

If you have specific questions to what we can do or how we can support you, please send us your request function.

Norner Services

Material evaluation and selection

  • Industrial moulding trials, product and material testing, international test standards, raw material quality, selection strategy and harmonisation, material recycling.

Product and process development

  • Operational excellence, onsite technical support, product development, improvement and optimisation, harmonisation of additives and masterbatches and simplification of recipes.

We offer:

  • Quality improvement
  • Product and failure investigations
  • Tailor made seminars and training
  • IPR strategy and assistance
  • REACH and EU food directives

Norner Confidence

  • Norner is determined to develop and deliver sustainable solutions to any packaging challenges by focusing on all steps in the value chain.
  • Our broad approach allows us to influence packaging development starting from polymer type, design and manufacturing process via the additives to the actual processing and packaging application. This is ensured by the wide range of facilities and competencies in Norner.
  • Our labs and facilities operate under ISO 9001 and a high quality internal control system.

Our Insight

Injection moulding markets

  • Thin wall packaging, deepfreeze, high impact transparent packaging, high stiffness paint pails, returnable transport packaging, ISBM preforms, food packaging including gas barrier, caps and closures.

Blow moulding markets

  • Household chemicals and industrial containers, Milk bottles, Blow-Fill- Seal process, Medical packaging.

Rotomoulding markets

  • Transport packaging, IBC, drums.

IPR issues

  • Patenting process, applications, documentation and freedom to operate investigations.

Industrial network

  • Extensive network of industrial partners in the moulding and rigid packaging industry, machinery and material suppliers enables improved and faster developments.

 UN packaging & testing

Our Facilities

Injection moulding

  • Arburg 150kN standard screw Ø22-17D
  • Engel 600kN standard screw Ø35-17D
  • HP Netstal 1200kN barrier screw Ø45-20D
  • Netstal 3000kN standard screw Ø70-25D
  • HP Demag 3500kN barrier screw Ø70-25D
  • 25 different moulds: thin-wall packaging, transport packaging, caps & closures, ISBM pre-forms and ISO test items

 Blow moulding

  • Battenfeld VK1-4 screw Ø50-20D
  • Uniloy MSA/S screw Ø48-24D
  • Fischer W. Müller BFB1-6 screw Ø60-24D
  • 8 different moulds: 250 mL – 10 L bottles and containers.

 Rotational moulding

  • Rotospeed E60 biaxial rotation shuttle machine, up to 15 rpm, inner temperature logging, internal pressure & cooling, grinder.
  • 10 different moulds and applications: drums, containers, tanks.

Product and material testing

  • Mechanical, optical, physical & thermal properties.
  • Weathering, chemical & environmental resistance.
  • Volatiles, emissions & migration determination.
  • Advanced molecular structure identification.
  • Light & electron microscopy laboratory.
  • Additives & composition analysis.
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