Our laboratory performs testing for automotive sector

Automotive testing

Norner has the competence, equipment and capability required to be your technology partner in material selection, testing and product development for the transport sector.

We cover all main test methods for OEM’s globally. Tailor made testing also available.

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Norner has the equipment to perform durability testing

Norner automotive durability testing

Our laboratory performs a wide range of test methods for the automotive sector.

- Fire behaviour, FMVSS 302, ISO 3795

- UV resistance / WOM, Xenon light, Interior / Exterior, ISO 4892-2

- Temperature resistance

- Climate exposure

- Salt fog

- Wear testing, Scratch resistance / Abrasion, ISO 1518-1

- Corrosion

- Chemical resistance

- Optical properties, Colour / haze / gloss

Environmental testing for automotive industry

Norner laboratory performs environmental testing for automotive industry.

- Fogging, ISO 6452 / DIN 75201

- Odour panel, VDA 270

- Organic emissions / TVOC, VDA 277

- VOC / FOG, VDA 278

- Formaldehyde emission, VDA 275

- Odour components, GSMS (Thermal Desorber)


Fire resistance testing determine the ability of a material to withstand a fire or provide protection for a period of time. Norner laboratory performs the following fire tests for the automotive sector.

Fire behaviour

  • FMVSS 302
  • ISO 3795 - The FMVSS 302 / ISO 3795 specifies the burn resistance requirements for materials used in the occupant compartments of motor vehicles (i.e. passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks and buses).
  • UL 94
  • ISO 9772 / ISO 9773 - Comparing the relative burning characteristics of horizontally oriented, small cellular plastic specimens.
Norner performs pressure testing of pipes and hoses

Norner laboratory provides pressure testing for the automotive sector. 

- Burst pressure at various temperatures, SAE J 2260

- Cold impact

- Stiffness, SAE J844

- Abrasion resistance

- Chemical / Oil / Zinc chloride resistance, ISO 7628

- Stress Crack

- UV resistance, SAE J1394

- Leakage tests at various pressures

- Heat ageing with different fuels

- Permeation, SAE J2260

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