Films and flexible packaging

As a part of our film development centre we offer a wide range of testing on films and laminates.


A selection of our test methods and standards:

  • Tensile properties acc. to ISO 527-3
  • Tear resistance acc. to ISO 6383-2
  • Trouser tear strength acc. to ISO 6383-1 or ASTM D1938
  • Dart Drop Impact acc. to ISO 7765-1 or ASTM 1709
  • Impact falling weight (IFW) acc. to ISO 7765-2
  • Puncture resistance acc. to ASTM F1306 and D5748
  • Coefficient of friction acc. to ISO 8295
  • Blocking resistance acc. to ISO 11502
  • Hot tack acc. to ASTM 1921
  • Sealing and Seal strength acc. to ASTM F2029 / F88
  • Bond peel strength acc. to ASTM F88
  • Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR)
  • Water Vapour Transmission Rate (WVTR)
  • Thickness profile – fully automatic on Octagon instrument
  • Film heat shrinkage acc. to ISO 11501 / ASTM D1204
  • Heat Shrink force acc. to ISO 14616
  • Optical properties; Haze and transmittance acc. to ISO 14782
  • Optical properties, Gloss acc. to ISO 2813
  • Elastic Recovery and Permanent Deformation of stretch wrap and stretch hood films
  • Creep resistance of films
  • Antistatic performance and surface tension


Films can also be subjected to our exposure testing procedures followed by testing to evaluate the impact.

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