UV Stabilisers

The main purpose with UV stabilisers (UV absorbers and HALS) is to protect a polymer for outdoor use.

  • After compounding of agreed recipes, the PP based samples are injection moulded (2 mm test specimens) followed by weathering in WOM (weather-o-meter). We offer both non-destructive and destructive testing.
  • In non-destructive testing, samples are taken out of WOM after agreed time and tested for e.g. gloss and carbonyl index by FTIR. After testing, the samples are tested further in WOM until next test period.
  • Another way to test is to check e.g. tensile properties at agreed intervals and continue the testing until lifetime which is time to reach 50% of the original test value, e.g. elongation at break.
  • We provice testing of agricultural films where we treat samples with artificial pesticides (sulphur- and/or chlorine based) at agreed intervals. Such films can be compared with non-treated films in WOM testing.
  • We offer natural testing in addition to artificial weathering.
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