Pilot and prototype thermoforming opportunities

Norner has invested in an automatic/manual thermoforming line with high flexibility.

Vacuum and thermoformed products are produced from sheet and the production volume within the packaging sector are often very large. 

Norner has invested in an automatic/manual thermoforming line with high flexibility. This has been done to meet the requirements from the market for initial tests in small scale or pilot runs. 

The line is meant for:

  • Pilot production in small volume (< 1000 units)
  • Prototype trials and development
  • Material evaluations during development activity
  • Pilot design evaluations in new/existing applications.
  • Bench mark activity as part of material substitution work, claim handling / other
  • Processing trials in HIPS, ABS, PE, PP, PET, PVC, PC, PMMA and recycled material

The line is delivered by Formech, a company specialized in small and medium sized lines. Norner has selected the model TF686 with the following features:

  • 10" colour touch screen, real time adjustments, 1% heater increment control, Cycle View
  • Pyrometer temperature control
  • Reel Feed (automatic operation) or sheet feed up to 700 mm width and 350 mm dept of draw
  • Sheet thickens up to 6 mm
  • Plug Assist with Speed Regulator
  • Ceramic Heaters with 16 Independently Controllable Heating Zones
  • Pre-Stretch
  • Positive and negative forming
  • The line goes hand-in-hand with our cast film, blown film or foil line and allow us to give a full offering within the thermoforming area.



The operation of the line is followed by chemical analysis, mechanical performance or application tests e.g. like top load, drop performance autoclave (retort) trials followed by our skilled colleagues. 

Norner operate today a foil line where foils of 400mm width and thickness up to 1 mm can be produced. We also have on our investment plan a co-ex foil line for up to 5 layer structure meant for the market where high barrier performance is needed.

We welcome you to Norner to perform your trails on the new line.

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