Mechanical recycling of plastics

Plastics recycling is including several steps and operation in the value chain of waste management to ready recycled material. The waste must be collected, sorted, grinded, washed and decontaminated as well as possible before entering the melt extrusion and filtering to produce a homogenised new granulate.

Norner have facilities for simulating the recycling extrusion process and devolatilising of the material as well as dedicated small scale extruder for quality assessments. The produced material can be further tested and assessed in our processing pilots, chemical analysis, migration and odour as well as physical properties.

Read more about our Recycling pilot centre


Our services in plastic recycling

  •  Tests and evaluation of waste streams
  • Post consumer waste (PCW) to post consumer recyclate (PCR) trials
  • Processing trials including particle/gels removal (melt filtration)
  • Study effect of additives and degradation
  • Odour and volatile reduction technology
  • Application trials in state-of-the art pilots (READ MORE at processing pilots)
  • Performance testing on product prototypes (Link application testing)
  • Polymer characterisation
  • Physical material testing
  • Microscopy investigations
  • Analysis of chemical contamination, migration, odour and taste
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