Application centre thermoforming

Thermoforming pilot

Formech thermoforming pilot

Forming area: Max 647mm x 622mm

Drawing depth: 350mm

Material/sheet thickness: 0,25–6mm


  • Manual: For new tools and new materials, start up.•
  • Semi-automatic: Operates for single cycle.
  • Automatic: When processing is stable.

Pyrometer temp. or time control

Tooling: Positive and/or negative tools with plug assist


All thermoplastic material that are

available in sheet or roll can be thermoformed. Some examples are: HIPS, ABS, PE, PP, PET, PVC, PC, PMMA

Processing trials/results

Material evaluations

  • Testing material combinations
  • Multilayer shee of different material
  • Evaluation of recycled material
  • Recipe evaluation
  • Raw material quality and consistency•Material selection and verification

Process parameter optimisation

  • Quality improvement
  • Tests at industrial relevant conditions
  • Product and process development


Vehicle parts

Medical parts and prototypes

Toys and models

Packaging, food containers

Enclosures and housings

Performance testing

Standard tests / Datasheet tests

Norner perform very many standard tests

  • Mechanical properties according to ISO / ASTM standards•Chemical characterization
  • Food migration OML/SML
  • Gloss: ISO 2813 and ASTM D2457
  • Haze : ASTM D1003•

Thermoforming performance tests

  • Product evaluation
  • Thickness distribution
  • Dimensional tolerance
  • Drop test
  • Top load
  • Blooming
  • Stack test
  • Welding/sealing tests of lidding film
  • Tub sealing and retort capability
  • Residual stress
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