Autoclave exposure testing

Autoclave exposure testing

Norner has expertise within high pressure and high temperature testing under critical conditions by using advanced autoclaves.

Norner is an innovation partner with advanced test facilities and assist clients in selecting the optimal material for your needs. We are performing market studies for clients, as well as finding cost optimal material solutions that meet even the stringent requirements.

  • We offer a range of capabilities, from small 500 ml autoclaves up to 5 litre autoclaves. The autoclaves are qualified for temperatures up to 325°C and pressures up to 300 bar.
  • With more than 40 years’ experience in handling extreme pressures and gases, it was a natural move for Norner to meet the increasing demand from the Energy sector for verification and documentation of material behaviour at extreme conditions.
  • Exposure and compatibility testing is a wide area. Typical media can be salt water, but also various oil compositions and liquid mixtures are defined and used. Typically, CH4, H2S and CO2 according to customer requirement.

The exposure testing is typically followed by mechanical testing, hardness, swelling, additive residues and microscopy evaluations. Lifetime prediction is crucial since materials are expected to have very long lifetime, also in critical environment. Norner typically uses Arrhenius plot to calculate this. FTIR analyses can also reveal potential degradation levels in polymers.

In addition to standard testing, we offer tailor-made and functional testing. Test equipment is built up to suit the individual need from clients, and test parameters are being agreed in order to secure closest resemblance with the specified environment the polymer shall be exposed to.

The most relevant test standards at Norner are

  • ISO 23936 part 1 (Thermoplastic) & 2 (Elastomer)
  • ISO 12736, Wet thermal insulation coatings for pipelines, flow lines, equipment and subsea structures
  • ISO 10423, Annex F, Drilling and production equipment -- Wellhead and Christmas tree equipment
  • API, CSA and NACE standards
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