Future Materials helps companies developing ideas from concept to market launch

Future Materials - Norwegian Catapult Centre

Future Materials helps founders and companies by shortening the path from idea to market shorter.

  • We offer test facilities, expertise and networks to develop sustainable solutions and production processes.

Norner is part owner of Future Materials Catapult Centre which is a national test centre for the materials of the future.

  • Future Materials and Norwegian Catapult are established to support the Norwegian industry
  • The Catapult centre support and assists innovative companies in material selection, developing prototypes, polymer expertise, consultancy, advisory service  and equipment for testing. 
  • Our service portfolio covers minor analysis and tests up to pilot production in industrial equipment.

How can the Norwegian Catapult support your company?

  • The catapult centre offers facilities and expertise to test, simulate or visualize technology, components, products, solutions, services and process.
  • Support development within the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 4-7.
  • The catapult centre gives you access to a wide range of equipment and can arrange the use of existing equipment owned by others.
  • Small and medium sized companies can receive support up to NOK 100.000 for a catapult project through “Næringshage” or from “Stiftelsen Teknologiformidling”.
  • Faster and efficient development of your idea from the concept stage to market launch. 

Subsidy scheme / Public policy system 

Clarification money (Purpose is to clarify a possible project for Norwegian business)

  • The company must be affiliated with a “Business garden” or an incubator
  • <100 employees
  • Support amount up to 50 000,-
  • Support rate 75%
  • Own funds

Business garden / Incubator support (Purpose is to support projects for Norwegian business)

  • The company must be affiliated with a business park or an incubator
  • <100 employees
  • Support amount up to 100 000,-
  • Support rate 75%
  • Own funds

Stiftelsen Teknologiformidling (Purpose is to promote technology development in Norwegian business)

  • 10 ≤ # employees ≤ 250
  • Turnover / balance sheet: 2 M € ≤ Turnover 50 M € or 2 M € ≤ balance sheet 43 M €
  • Degree of support ut to 50%
  • Own funds or In-kind 

We assist your company

  • Advice - from idea to market
  • Guidance, training and use of the instrument apparatus
  • Application writing
  • Development projects
  • Test laboratory and pilot centre 

Introduction - Norsk Katapult in 2 minutes

Information about Future Materials

Case: Høine - fra bærekraftig ide til bærekraftig produkt


We are looking forward to help companies reaching their goals.

If you have questions contact:  Heidi Nornes Bryntesen, +47 959 34 716, mail: heidi.bryntesen@norner.no


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