Blow moulding

We provide a blow moulding test- and development centre where customers can carry out a variety of trials and run full development projects.

Blow moulding of plastics is one of the major industries for the production of a wide range of plastic parts and bottles.

Norner can offer

  • Grade development
  • Demonstration and trials
  • Process development for up scaling
  • Testing of bottles of ESCR
  • Wall thickness
  • Top load
  • Fall test
  • O2 barrier

Norner have the following equipment available

  • Fischer w Müller BFB 1-6 (1997) Single station blow moulder with tools of 10litre canister and different one litre bottles with dies. The extruder is Ø60x24D with mixing element meant for PE and PP but also trialled with PET. Output: 7-110kg HDPE, 7-90kg PP at 5-100 rpm.
  • Conair Churtchill desiccant pellet drier for PET, PA and filled polyolefin. Capacity of up to 120kg/h or batch up to 190oC.
  • Granulator for BM canisters or drums up to100 litre.
  • Advanced laboratory and test centre for a wide range of test methods and troubleshooting.
  • We offer online request of Laboratory testing.


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