Norner recycling services

Recycling service portfolio

Comprehensive portfolio of technical and advisory services for the circular economy.


Our aim is to provide a wide range of relevant and updated services and continue to develop these according to the needs in the market.


Our recycling services 

Pellet to application - processing assessment

  • Injection moulding
  • Extrusion blow moulding
  • Thermoforming
  • Film extrusion
  • Profile extrusion

From flake to pellet

  • Pelletisation
  • Melt filtration
  • VOC/odour upgrade
  • Vacuum venting
  • Solvent flushing

Plastic waste management

  • Grinding
  • Washing
  • Composition and homogeneity
  • Visual assessment

Scientific laboratory support

  • DSC, FTIR, rehology, MFR, density
  • Extraction + HPLC or GC-MS
  • Additive analysis

Material specification and qualification

  • Filterest, gels testing
  • Composition and purity of polymer
  • Polymer analysis
  • DSC, FTIR, rheology, MFR, density
  • Material properties
  • Datasheet testing

Application testing and qualification

  • Beverage or hinge caps
  • Thin wall container
  • Thermoformed tray
  • EBM bottle
  • Blown film
  • Cast film

PRE recyclability

Chemicals and migration

  • Extraction and chromatography
  • T&O panel
  • Standards and regulations
  • EN 71-3+71/9/10/11 (Toy)
  • Reach


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