Norner reorganize to increase focus in the Oil and Gas sector

We offer HTHP testing in different corrosive and toxic medias as well as, protective coating and a wide range of other aging tests and mechanical testing.

Norner has during several years invested heavily in equipment suitable for ageing. In order to keep up with the increasing demand in this segment, and to keep our promises to our clients, we have made an organizational change and employed three new persons into our new Performance Lab.


New employees from left: Henriette Skarpeid, Iselin Grauer Moen and Geir Åge Wickmann and Senior Engineer Heidi N. Bryntesen

The new employees shall focus on HTHP testing in different corrosive and toxic medias, protective coating, aging in general and mechanical testing.

Our investments cover several new autoclaves with continuous logging of temperatures and pressure and can be fully controlled and supervised 24 / 7. Norner has now 40 autoclaves suitable for all different medias to serve our clients. These investments provide highest safety level, high quality and reliability of the results we deliver to our clients.

Further on have we invested in additional capacity in our protective coating testing (Salt chamber, UV and Catodic disbondment). Norner is now capable of testing HT CD at 150°C, and the target is to reach both 180°C and 200°C in the near future.  

The new employees will secure that our investments are fully utilized and we are confident that these changes will support our clients to reach their targets.

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