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Microscopy laboratory detect failures

Norner has an advanced and well equipped microscopy laboratory which is internationally recognised. 

Testing areas

We offer support in defining and solving problems for a wide range of materials like:

  • Polymers
  • Raw materials (powder)
  • Catalysts
  • Metals
  • Composites
  • Corrosion in metals
  • Plastics wood composites
  • Metals and inorganic materials
  • Catalysts, polymer powders, morphology and homogeneity.
  • Plastics parts and packaging
  • Injection, blow and rotational moulding, extruded pipe, cable insulation, films, laminates, compounds and alloys.

We investigate:

  • Issues regarding moulding parameters
  • Recommended service conditions
  • Misuse and traces of wrong handling and intended damage
  • Complex customer problems by identification of root causes with a variety of suitable laboratory techniques. This is useful for claim investigation, failure analysis and documentation.

Failure categories in Plastics

  • Mechanical strain, pressure burst, stress introduced by processing or mould/product design, chemical stress cracking.
  • Gels and inhomogeneity, contaminations, inclusions 

Failure categories in Metals

  • Carburization / decarburization 
  • Stress relaxation cracking and stress corrosion cracking 
  • Fatigue, corrosion fatigue, overload and creep damage
  • Hydrogen and Sigma phase embrittlement
  • Dealloying and Liquid metal embrittlement

Varieties of microscopy techniques

LM - Light Microscope or Optical microscope (OM):

Reveals not seen by the naked eye. Transmitted or incident light manipulated by lenses and a variety of contrast techniques is used as an analytical tool to differ between structures in materials.

SEM-EDS - Scanning Electron Microscope - Energy Dispersive Spectrometer:

Element mapping and visualization, surface finish, contaminations, failure and fracture investigation in all kind of solid materials.

  • Consultations and problem solving
  • Product and material imperfections
  • Weakness in product design
  • Material and surface structures
  • Flow patterns build in stresses in plastic parts
  • Crystal structures
  • Powder morphology
  • Phase distribution of inhomogeneous materials


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Failure analysis and failure prevention is a key competence at Norner. Some times failures are manipulated. With proof from Norner, this insurance company saved 50.000€.

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