Norner takes a visionary and green move into a brand new Powerhouse

  A diamond shaped and spectacular office and research facility which produce more energy than it consumes will be the new location for Norner from 2019.

“Norner has signed a long-term contract to join this journey with unique laboratory and office facilities for the future” says Tine Rørvik, CEO Norner.


From left: Research Director Morten Lundquist, CEO Tine Rørvik, Business Development Director Lars H.Evensen, Business Development Director Thor Kamfjord


It’s less than a year since Powerhouse Telemark was launched as a possible future project. When the research and development company Norner reached an agreement with R8 to build a world-leading laboratory, Zero Emission Lab, inside the new building, they signed a 20 years rental agreement for 2500 m2 over several floors, and the project became a reality.

 "Participating in the development and moving into Powerhouse and Zero Emission Lab is a step to reach our vision of developing sustainable solutions and contributes in our long-term growth strategy. Our success is based on our people and their innovation capability with our clients and partners. We will now continue our growth in Powerhouse Telemark" says Tine Rørvik, CEO of Norner.

  "This building would get attention anywhere in the world. Our dream is not limited to implement a unique pilot project. The dream is to make a building which will be replicated in all seven continents.  This may be the start of thousands of similar Powerhouses” says Emil Eriksrød, CEO in R8 Property which is behind the project.

Breaking ground will according to the plan take place September 2017, and when the building is complete in February 2019, this will be Norway’s first new built office building and innovation centre, which will produce more energy than it consumes. 

Building the future

 Founder of Snøhetta, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, believes the office building will inspire internationally. 

“Powerhouse Telemark will put Norway on the map when it comes to energy solutions and architecture,” said Snøhetta founding partner Kjetil Trædal Thorsen. “The future is all about thinking big, bold and long term, and we need someone to pave the way. With its innovative solutions and design, we believe this building will inspire commercial real estate developers worldwide to push the limits of what buildings can accomplish.” 

“For us in Norner, we are now realizing our dream and start a journey into a sustainable and visionary Powerhouse – Walking the talk!” says Tine Rørvik. 


From left: CEO R8 Group Emil Eriksrød, Development Director R8 Property Tommy Thovsland, CEO Tine Rørvik

About Norner

  • Norner is an industrial research and development company with 55 employees in growth and cutting-edge expertise within manufacturing and use of polymers and composites.
  • The company is a market leader within developing profitable products and processes for the industry.
  • For more information contact: CEO Tine Rørvik: Phone (+47) 970 50 532 //


  • A Powerhouse is a building that will produce more energy than it consumes over a life-time of 60 years.
  • For more information about the Powerhouse concept:
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