New halogen free insulation system for energy efficient buildings developed and upscaled

New halogen free insulation system for buildings

FoAM BUILD, an EU-FP7-NMP funded research project.

FoAM BUILD, an EU-FP7-NMP funded research project, was established in 2013, to develop materials for improved insulation systems using nanotechnology based solutions. The project is now completed and key highlights was presented at Bygg Reis Deg 2017.

In the project we have addressed the challenge which 200 million buildings in Europe represents. These account for 40 percent of our total energy consumption and 36 percent of the total CO2 emissions in the region.


Download Poster - Products Developed within FoAM-Build:


  • A major concern is that 70 percent of the energy consumption in buildings is due to heating and cooling, and that 40 percent of the energy loss in many buildings is through the façade.
  • The FoAM build project has developed a solution to meet the large need for improved insulation to reduce energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions for new buildings and retrofitting.
  • External insulation of buildings by so-called ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composites System) is a widely used method in Europe.
  • The ETICS consists of prefabricated components mounted directly on the facade. The insulation system is built up of two main components; insulation and decorative and protective surface in addition to components that provide adhesion and anchoring of the system to the facade.
  • Norner has focused on two main topics, which is nanotechnology based solutions for insulation and halogen free solutions for flame retardancy in polystyrene. 

“We can highlight three main concepts, which we have upscaled and demonstrated”, says Dr.Carlos Barreto, being the work package leader delivering the insulation solution at Norner. 

  • Fundamental nanocellular foaming that resulted in identification of relevant processes, as well as modified polystyrene matrices that are interesting for further development.
  • Composites of silica aerogel and polystyrene, where we developed an insulation solution resulting in optimal insulation to cost ratios.
  • Halogen free flame retardancy system that were tailored for composite polystyrene/silica aerogel foams.


For a brief presentation of the concept please visit the project YouTube-channel: FoAm-Build – Next Generation ETICS.


Dr. Carlos Barreto and Charlotte Waag

Retrofitted Facade: Full scale demonstrator at Ober Ramstad, Germany

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