A new innovative manufacturer of catalyst systems for PE

A new innovative manufacturer

Even after 6 years in operation it is fair to address Designed Chemistry as a new company. 

Development and manufacturing of polyolefin catalysts is a conservative market area. It is dominated by large corporations with long track records and often close ties to technology licensors.

Ability to think new

With “new” comes also the ability to think new. Designed Chemistry has introduced novel and innovative production technologies which bring interesting performance to their silica based catalysts, and in addition reduce the environmental footprint from catalyst production.

Designed Chemistry have own bench scale polymerisation which they use both in development and quality control of their EPOC-300 series of Ziegler-Natta type catalysts. 

For the Chromium EPOC-200 range and testing of extreme conditions of both ZN and Single Site EPOC-400 series, they rely on Norner’s advanced bench scale reactors designed to handle the strict purity requirements from such catalysts.

Interesting features

Norner has been working with Chromium and Single-Site catalysts since late 1970’es and have seen interesting features when benchmarking catalysts from Designed Chemistry. Thanks to their unique impregnation technology and their decision to supply ready oxidized Chromium catalysts, Designed Chemistry can offer long lifetime in reactor from a rather flat activity profile. This gives advantages in improved reactor control, e.g. less hot-spots in gas phase processes and high activity in 2nd or 3rd reactor for multi-reactor setups for Ziegler-Natta based systems.

A very broad MWD can be achieved with one of the Designed Chemistry’s Chromium catalysts. When such ultra-broad MWD is combined with good processing capabilities, it will open interesting applications and will be another area where Designed Chemistry can utilize Norner’s capabilities and knowledge.

Development of advanced, value added polyolefins

Norner offers market understanding and experience in development of advanced, value added polyolefins. By combining this with application testing of polymers produced from their catalysts, Designed Chemistry can offer tailor-made concepts to their PE producing clients.

Unlike for product development in close collaboration under license agreements, the clients now get to keep their innovations for themselves. As such, Designed Chemistry and Norner bring valuable differentiation opportunities resulting in better market position and higher profitability for polymer producers with ambitions beyond “me-too”.

Norner Cat&Pol services cover

  • Catalyst synthesis, development and upscaling
  • H2 and comonomer response
  • Benchmarking and Fit for technology
  • Bulk, slurry, gas phase and solution polymerisations in 0,06 to 17 litre reactors up to 350bar/340°C
  • Single reactor, multi-reactor setup
  • Monomodal, multi-modal
  • in-situ capabilities and functionalization
  • Advanced polymer characterisation
  • Application testing of polymers
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