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Past event archive

Our archive contains press releases, press clippings and conference participation from 2007.

Hold Norge Rent-konferansen er Norges viktigste møteplass om marin forsøpling.

Norner hjelper kunder med utvikling av trygg emballasje, valg av polymertyper, design og produksjonsprosess

Our strategic advisory team helps customers to navigate the road ahead by successful strategic choices

High focus on sustainable packaging solutions.

Focus on corrosion protection, surface treatment and insulation.

Emballasjedagene setter fokus på fremtidens emballasje.

Explore the advantages of polymer materials in onshore and offshore oil and gas industry

We will join Northern Europe’s largest packaging trade show in Gothenburg

Produktutvikling og bærekraftige løsninger for Byggeindustrien.

Explore our knowledge in polyolefin performance and additives

Broad industrial R&D expertise in barrier packaging.

Development and advanced testing of durable polymers for the energy industry

Industrial expertise in polymer technology and markets

Norner samarbeider med industrien om å ta avfall fra et problem til råvarer og ressurser som danner grunnlag for verdiskapning

Hvordan utnytte bærekraftige materialer og løsninger med sirkulær økonomi

Circular economy is important, and Norner create value for the customers through innovative and sustainable solutions

Norner provides industrial R&D innovation and advice in SE Asia

We support the industry with our high knowledge and focus on polymer recycling

Norner will join Subsea Valley Conference

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