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Gratis beregning av Oksygen permeabilitet (OTR) og Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR)

Norner is an independent, industrial Polymer Institute for the plastics and material industries.

  • We offer free use of our OTR and WVTR calculators.
  • This simulation models estimates the oxygen and water transmission rate of plastics packaging material like PP, PET and EVOH.
  • Barrier properties of co-injection multilayer and in-mould-label solutions can be studied and evaluated.
  • The combination of geometrical options, permeability properties and environmental conditions provides an useful tool when working with the design, development and application of plastic packaging.
  • The OTR and WVTR values are calculated separately.

OTR Calculator

WVTR Calculator

 Calculation steps

  1. Define geometry parameters (e.g length, radius, height).
  2. Choose materials (define layer material and thickness).
  3. Define environmental conditions (temperature, humidity).
  4. Push calculate.
  5. View and evaluate calculation results.

We offer:

  • These models focuses on OTR and WVTR simulations of multilayer barrier film, multilayer containers and barrier in-mould label containers.
  • Norner AS is involved in several development projects involving other barrier technologies and has deep knowledge within this field.

Contact Norner for more information about barrier coatings, oxygen scavengers, nano clay coating and nano composite fillers.


Assumptions and limitations of the OTR and the WVTR model.


Transport rate models disclaimer


Used literature and online resources

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